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We love FIXING garage door problems. 

Over the last few months, we have been jotting down some key points and concerns brought up by valued customers in order to better understand how to serve them in the future. We have come to realize most people LOVE using their garage door, but it is often overlooked when it comes to basic maintenance.

Garage doors deserve some love. Americans use it every day sometimes more than their front door. In fact, the average garage door is opened 1,500 times a year.

The garage door is often the focal point of a home. For most homeowners, it accounts for roughly 40% of the street view. If aesthetics do not matter, then safety should. The garage door is a line of defense from hurricanes, crooks and creepy critters.

A garage door can appear overwhelming. There are around twenty-five moving parts. These parts pivot, wind, spring and support a garage door that can weigh upwards of 250 pounds. While that seems dangerous, there are simple ways to keep up with general maintenance.

Here are 3 EASY garage door tips to start:
1. Parts should be lubricated by a silicon-based spray lubricant at least twice a year
2. Once a year, a service professional should come out to tension the springs
3. Examine the proper points that support the door to make sure it is aligned

Showing a garage door respect is guaranteed to make a difference. If maintained, a garage door can last for 30 years. That life span compares to a roof which is about 15 times the cost.

The good thing? Garage Force One offers free inspections. Call today to schedule your appointment.