Hurricane Irma swept through Central Florida with wind gusts topping nearly 80 miles per hour causing significant damage to homes.

The Florida Office of Insurance Regulation estimates that property loss from the September storm climbed to nearly $8.6 billion with 30% claims closed without any reimbursement to homeowners.

While reminders of Irma still surround us in the form of blue tarps on roofs and buckled in garage doors, homeowners have already been warned from

forecasters that the upcoming hurricane season is expected to be just as busy.

Researchers at Colorado State University predict seven hurricanes during the 2018 season, with three of them expected be Category 3 or higher with winds well over 111 miles per hour.

High winds from hurricanes can cause significant damage to the garage door and pose as a dangerous threat to the structural integrity of a home. If wind enters a garage, structural damage could be devastating.

​​​​​​​​​​​Garage Force One offers garage doors that meet the wind code requirements that vary depending on the county you live in.  Wind-resistant garage doors are built to withstand heavy objects thrown at it and hurricane-force winds. The price range depends on the make, model and design.

The second option recommended by FEMA is to reinforce your garage door with a Hurricane-Resistance Kit. Garage Force One can reinforce a garage door by adding girts across the back of the door and by strengthening the wheel track.

Homeowners could attempt to install this as a DIY project, but it comes with serious safety warnings. Adding weight to a garage door through reinforcement might require adjusting the door’s spring system. Garage Force One will inspect a garage door at no cost to determine what is needed with the reinforcement process.

This process is a preventative process that requires time. It is imperative homeowners do not wait until a storm is coming and react under deadline.

Finally, the third option is a last resort life hack. Ahead of a hurricane, park your car inside the garage and use a trash can as a buffer so the garage will not be compromised by strong wind gusts. The trash can will block the door from moving in the wind and potentially buckling under heavy pressure.

The official start of the Atlantic Hurricane season is a June 1st  to November 30th, but it peaks from late August through September.

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